We stand up for your rights

STUUR Rotterdam is the Rotterdam student union. We are not going to take it anymore. Students are getting screwed over and over again. We take action for a good student grant, enough studentrooms and a city in which students are welcome.

We make sure that students voices are heard. We talk with politicians, administrators at the educational institutes and housing associations.

The interests of students are too often overlooked. That's why we organise, and participate in, protests to point out problems that students face.

We inform you on your rights so you can stand up for yourself. With our rent calculator for example, which will tell you wether you are paying too much rent.

Word lid!

Corona heeft laten zien hoe studenten keer op keer door de politiek in de steek worden gelaten. Dat kan anders. Blijf op de hoogte van onze acties, praat mee over jouw ervaringen en kom in actie. Word lid 👇


STUUR wants to make sure that students interests in Rotterdam are served and represents them at the city council.  We make sure students voices are heard!

We are concerned with problems like student housing, student debts and the corona policy and its influcence on students in Rotterdam. We talk with students about their problems and share our findings with the city council and housing organisations. We also help students by making sure they can find information about rent commissions, legal help and health insurance.

Big demonstration against the student loan system. About 2000 students protested on the Malieveld for abolition of the student loan system. The Hague, June 3rd, 2021.

Tell us your experiences and ideas

Which problems do you face as a student? But also: what should STUUR offer students? Social activities, big protests or critical lobbying? STUUR belongs to all of us. Tell us your experciences and ideas.