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Become a member of STUUR and help us stand up for students!

Students are concidering quiting, because they can't find a room. more and more students are dealing with mental problems. And we are drowning in student debt

In Rotterdam the the rules limiting student housing keep getting stricter The Rotterdam education institutions are sounding the alarm. People often talk about students, but politicians rarely talk with them. This can and has to change!

STUUR makes sure students are heard loud and clear. We set up campaigns and talk with the local government. Together with you we make sure that your, and your fellow students, rights are upheld. As a member of STUUR you decide how we go about this

If you become a member for free now, you can help us decide which direction we take STUUR into on the initiation assembly. After the assembly you can, if you want to, stay a member for 8 euro's per schoolyear. Together we make sure politicians talk, and listen, to students. To make sure there is room for students in Rotterdam as well.


up to the first of january 2022 membership of STUUR will be free. Before the first of january we will warn you and give you a chance to cancel your membership if you don't want to be a member after all. Afterwards membership will be 8 euro's per school year.