Our people

Students are often the victims of policy and usually have little influence. Lots of local political divisions say that it's difficult to get a feeling for what students in Rotterdam need and want. We've seen these past years that when students do raise their voices, it can have big consequences. Like the #nietmijnschuld campaigns, when suddenly lots of things were possible. Students are often overlooked when it comes to making new policy, and this should change, also in Rotterdam!

We're going to change this by connecting students and policy makers. We can make students' voices heard at the political parties and educational institutes in Rotterdam. Sometimes that just won't be enough. That's why we are also prepared to get out and demonstrate!


Voorzitter - Marijn Prins


Portfolio Communicatie, pers, alv LSVb, alv STUUR, #NietMijnSchuld

Secretaris - Claudia Batstra


Portfolio Coördinatie, juridische afdeling, contact lsvb, contact lidbonden, studentenwelzijn

Penningmeester - Pepijn Kleingeld


Portfolio Woningcorporaties, financien, contact studentenorganisaties, contact LSVb, alv LSVb


Politiek secretaris - Soraya Oumansouri


Portfolio Diversiteit en inclusie, mbo, politieke lobby, huisvesting, internationalisering

Secretaris ledenzaken - Ole Berntsen


Portefeuilles: Contact juridische afdeling, Rva, actieteam, ledenzaken, medezeggenschap

Advisory board

Markus Burger - Chair

I am twenty years old and have grown up in Leiden and Aalten and live in Rotterdam for two years. I love literature, poetry and politics. My best attributes are creativity and diplomacy. I like writing poetry, articles and columns. I write freelance about the climate for The Harvest and I hope I can work as a journalist and columnist later in live.

I study journalism at the GLR and after this I want to study philosophy. I think it is important that mbo'ers are getting more involved with student participation so we can also maximise our power to fight for our rights.

I didn't finish Highschool, because I did not feel at home in the school system. Now I try my best to change this system so it becomes fun for everyone to go to school. This I do as member of the local actioncomité of #NietMijnSchuld, as general board member of DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond, as chair of the studentcouncil, with anti racism protests, the housing protests and with STUUR.

As member of the advisory board I want to support the board to have a democratic course of action. Also I want to make sure STUUR stays activistic and save for al students.

Mina Morkoç

Hi everyone! I am Mina Morkoc and I will support STUUR in the advisory board. Besides that I study law and fiscal law at the Erasmus University. Also I work at a law firm. Further I am one of the founders and at this moment chair of the board of directors of NILS Netherlands, a netwerk organisation of law students. In my free time I am busy with the Rotterdam politics, I write about my interests and when it doesn't rain I like to play tennis. STUUR was really missed in the Rotterdam studentlife, it is good to see that students in Rotterdam can unionise.

Jasper Schut

My name is Jasper Schut, I am a student and 19 years old. I study at the Erasmus University. It is for me important to to fight for a better world. Thats why I am active with Democracy movement 2025 (DiEM25) in the national board. Also I play rugby in my free time and I work as a barista. I did a cursus union organising, also I have experience with counsels and comissions from my highschool days. I think it is important to be supportive to the bigger picture. I hope that I can make a lot of people think about the world in which we live.

Alina Danii Bijl

My name is Alina Danii Bijl and I am 21 years old and student Media & Communicatie at the Erasmus University. At this moment I am also the chair of FNV Young & United and I am active with feminism and the union on Instagram and Tiktok.
I have been saying for a few years that if I wouldn't found the Rotterdam student union I would be the first member. That is also why I love to be in the Advisory board of STUUR. With my experience with advocating and campagning strategy I hope to strengthen STUUR. Cause Rotterdam deserves a strong student union.

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